Our Famous Poet!

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One of our foster chidren has had a poem about her foster parents published in the "Growing up in our house"... A very big well done!

The love of special people

The heart they have,

And the love they give,

Is turning me into a lovely kid.

I will blossom, I will shine because they give me a lot of time.

The thought they have and the support they give,

is how I love to live.

I am so lucky to have ***** and ****.

The glue in my life is **** and ****.

The kindness, the care they give

will be in my heart no matter where I will be,

keeping me safe, secure, protecting me is what I need.

I realise they won’t give up on me.

The relationship we have is lovely to me and we banter, have fun that is what is meant to be.

Where would I be without the people that mean to me?

Thankyou for my lovely foster mom and dad who care for me.

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Foster Child
“I have lived with my foster carers for nearly 4 years. I feel like I am their own child. Being treated this way is important to my future and helps me feel like I ‘belong’ in the same way my friends do with their family”. (I aged 15) Foster Child More testimonials »