The Assessment Process

There are two sides to the assessment process: we need to check you are right for fostering; but you also need to be prepared for the role ahead.  It's reassuring to know that nearly everyone who goes through an assessment with Match says they have enjoyed it and gained from it.  

There are several different parts to the assessment process at Match. 

There are background checks.  These are the police, local authority and medical checks to make sure you are appropriate to care for children and young people.

There is the preparation group training.  This is a good chance for you to meet other applicants on the same journey towards becoming approved, as well as hearing from approved foster parents and young people in foster care. 

There are social worker visits to your home.  This is your opportunity to ask all your questions about what lies ahead and gives us the chance to explore the key issues of fostering in depth with you. 

At the end of this process, this is all turned into an assessment report that you see before it is sent to a fostering panel.  Don't worry too much about the fostering panel - we don't reach this stage unless we're confident that fostering is right for you. The panel is there to check Match is doing its job property assessing and preparing you for fostering, not to grill you as the applicant. 

We will complete the assessment at a pace that suits you.  All being well, we aim to complete the assessment process in four months from your application. 

Remember, Match is with you every step of the way.      


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