Types of Fostering

Fostering is different for every child. Some children stay in foster care for a few weeks; others for many years, right through to adulthood and even beyond.

As part of your fostering assessment we will discuss with you which types of fostering are best for you and your family.  Match receives many referrals each week but not all the children will be right for you. Every foster parent has their own strengths and weaknesses: there will be areas in which you feel experienced and other areas where you feel less confident. 

At Match, we are not interested in counting the number of children we care for.  For us, it's about ensuring that all our children and young people achieve the stability and security they deserve.  And we can only achieve this by getting to know you and your family.  That's why we don't use independent assessors to write your assessment report.  We believe that it's more important you develop a relationship with the Match Team. That way, when we come to consider you for children and young people we know you as real people, not just names on a spreadsheet.     

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Foster Child
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