Why Choose Match Foster Care

Match is a family-run fostering agency, started by Carrie and Simon Marsh in 2012, based on the belief that children in care deserve the very best family care.  

Unlike larger fostering agencies, Match is not funded in the background by investors or venture capitalists looking to make a profit for sale.  Match has no plans to sell to a larger fostering agency.  We are not driven by targets; only by what's best for the children we care for.  Match has grown over the years, mostly through word of mouth: foster parents who have valued the support they receive have passed on their positive experiences to others.    

At Match, we believe that the foster parents deserve to feel part of a team around them.  Match is the only fostering agency to employ a full-time therapeutic practitioner, a registered nurse, support workers and education workers.  This unique blend of professionals helps our foster parents achieve  the very best outcomes for the children and young people we serve.

We provide 24/7 support from people who will know you and your foster children, meaning that you are never on your own.  We know that fostering is sometimes challenging and we are committed to being available to you, day or night. 

Most agencies use independent assessors.  This is someone who writes your assessment report and then has nothing more to do with you.  At Match, we don't believe this is the best way to build up the trust and honesty that underpins successful fostering.  That's why we always use team members to carry out your assessments. 

If you are looking transfer from another fostering service we won't try to spin you a line.  Instead, we'll talk through your options and see if Match is the right agency for you. 

For more information about Match simply use the following link: https://www.matchfostercare.co.uk/contact 


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